BERNARDS — Did somebody mistake Thanksgiving for the Fourth of July?

Two men set off fireworks on the front porch of a Township home about 1 a.m. Friday. Their actions were caught on the homeowner's doorbell camera in a black-and-white video and posted to the police department's Facebook page.

The men are seen walking up to the front door of the home. One man whose face can clearly be seen rings the doorbell. The other, whose face is not visible, knocks several times on the door. He says, "Ready? Go," as the pair light up fireworks drop them and run away.

The explosives create lots of sparks and smoke before the video clip ends.

Police said there have been similar incidents in surrounding towns. They also warned of potential injury to both people and property that the fireworks could create.

Police asked anyone who can identify the people in the video to call then at 908-766-1122 x 610.

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