Despite the fact that we have heard medical experts discuss the limited efficacy of the new "emergency authorized" vaccines, the mandates are coming.

Despite the fact that the flu has essentially been replaced with COVID and we are experiencing what we see EVERY season with a respiratory virus, the mandates are coming.

Despite the fact that we have also been told by experts that the vaccine will control YOUR symptoms and they have no idea if it will "stop the spread", the mandates are coming.

Despite the fact that the vaccine itself is experimental and we have no idea what adverse effects it will ultimately cause, the mandates are coming.

Despite the facts that the adverse effects are already being seen in patients, making the symptoms experienced following the jab worse than the actual virus for many, the mandates are coming. Based on the CDC's own reporting, those adverse effects are found in nearly 3% of patients.

Despite the fact that so far, 29 patients have died in Norway after receiving the vaccine, and health officials aren't sure exactly why, the mandates are coming.

In New Jersey, we are seeing a rising call for mandates for your job and school. Most recently, Trinitas Nursing School in Elizabeth is requiring a vaccine for students, or they have to withdraw from school.

All of this is based on a virus which for most, is about as deadly as the flu.

So, adverse effects, deaths following the jab with no conclusive information as to the actual cause, a very low infection mortality rate, clear evidence that healthy people are not spreading anything and here we are. Here's an important read from a doctor who collected information from the various medical journals and pharma companies.

People have lost their minds and are in a full on panic over a flu/cold/COVID virus. Call it what you want, we are no worse off this year than just about any other flu season in the past. We have reported on the padding of the case and death numbers for months. Unreliable and inaccurate PCR tests providing justification for extended lockdowns, COVID deaths counted despite a patient dying from natural causes just because they had a positive test within 30 days. Hospitals getting big money reimbursements from the federal government for COVID patients and those on ventilators. Billions of dollars for the taking by big pharma and big hospitals as people have been convinced that without the vaccine, life can't get back to normal.

The governor in NJ is talking about more than four million needing the vaccine before we fully reopen the state. How is this possible in modern day America? I don't know about you, but our state and country are unrecognizable at this point.

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