State Senator Bob Menendez is trying to stop last minute changes to the federal transportation funding bill that he says would cost New Jersey $50 million a year. The motion he opposes would reallocate $1.6 billion to expand bus routes in rural areas of the country.

According to Menendez, the New Jersey-New York Gateway rail tunnel is one of the region’s largest and most important projects, and requires increased transit and rail funding to move forward.

If you ask me though, $50 million isn't going to solve our state's mass transit problems- Menendez is just trying to distract from his indictment. A major part of the problem with NJ Transit is that it shares rails with Amtrak. That said, the efficiency of the private sector would solve our problems if we just got the government out of this situation.

We have to get ourselves off the public dole because it isn't working. We also need to stop mentally detaching ourselves from the federal government- when they say the federal government will pay, we're the ones paying!

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