Judi opened the show today by discussing Kevin McArdle's report about Assemblyman Reed Gusciora wanting to raise the fines for parents whose kids don't show up for school.

Flickr user: KnittyMarie

Under a bill already formally introduced by Gusciora, a parent or guardian of a truant student would be subject to a fine of not more than $250 for each offense, at the discretion of the court. The fines are for unexcused absences, not for illness or any other legitimate reason a parent or guardian might keep their child out of school.

Currently, it is a $25 fine for the 1st offense and as much as $100 for subsequent offenses.

But is this really the answer? Will this make people be better parents, or even better, will it make the kids go to school?

Take our poll below and let us know if you think higher fines would make parents send their kids to school.