Ever since the November elections, all we've heard from Senate President Steve Sweeney and Speaker Vincent Prieto is that we need to implement the gas tax that we've heard so many rumors about. Two NJ politicians decided they were not going to stand idly by and just let another tax get passed to the state's residents.

There has to be a better way, right? Two NJ politicians have found a way to stand up to the idea of a gas tax. Senator Mike Doherty and Senator Jennifer Beck have created a plan that will avoid NJ residents being hit with a gas tax.

When asked whether Senator Beck's plan has a chance to be passed by both houses and land on the governor's desk for approval, Beck replied "Look, I think it's the beginning of a conversation. This is the first plan that's actually been presented. We've heard a lot of words out there about raising the gas tax. The Democrats have not presented a pan they just said they wanted to raise taxes. This is the beginning of the conversation for everybody in terms of how do you manage this issue. I'm hopeful."

Bill Spadea is the host of the morning show here on NJ 101.5 as well as the host of the Chasing News TV program. You can hear his opinion about all things New Jersey here, or by tweeting @BillSpadea.

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