An analysis of state data shows that nearly one-third of the federal housing aid earmarked for affordable housing projects associated with Hurricane Sandy went to counties other than those hardest-hit by the storm, the Star-Ledger reports.

Governor Chris Christie (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

In an article posted on, the newspaper reports that nearly $47.6 million of the funding "landed in Essex and Middlesex counties, while many Jersey Shore communities in Ocean saw relatively little of it."

The report cites recent questions raised over the allocation of more than $10 million in grants for affordable housing initiatives.

"The affordable housing program has come under sharp focus in recent weeks after questions were raised over the awarding of more than $10 million in grants involving at least two projects that appeared to have political overtones. In both cases, Gov. Chris Christie gained endorsements after the money was allocated in two communities barely brushed by the storm," the Star-Ledger reports.

According to state officials quoted by the paper, the goal of the funding program was to follow federally-mandated criteria while getting housing constructed as quickly as possible in the counties most affected by the storm.