Penns Grove has followed Wildwood in approving a ban on saggy pants with a high price to pay for a fashion faux pas.

Saggy pants on the boardwalk in Wildwood
Saggy pants on the boardwalk in Wildwood (WCAU TV)

The Borough Council on Tuesday night unanimously adopted a new law that bans the wearing of pants being worn low enough to show underwear according to the South Jersey Times.A first offense fine ranges from $25 to $100 with additional violations pushing the fine to $1,000. Violators may also have to perform community service.

The ordinance not only bans shorts, pants and skirts from being worn more than three inches below the waist but also bans clothing deemed offensive, indecent or unsafe. Penns Grove would enforce the new law. Mayor John Washington assured residents police would not be profiling residents over their clothing.

"It's a serious issue of folks walking around with their pants down exposing bare skin, exposing their underwear and nobody has to look at that," Mayor John Washington told the South Jersey Times. During the meeting he told the Council that "everything is a priority" when asked why he focusing on this issue when Penns Grove faces what some residents consider to be more important issues.


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