What a difference a generation makes. I remember when "fat sandwiches" off the grease trucks were all the rage at Rutgers. The same school by the way with a $20 million contract with Coca-Cola. Now suddenly they've decided they want to ditch unhealthy (and great tasting) junk food from their dining halls. Chicken nuggets? On their way out. Hash browns? On the endangered species list. Instead they'll be putting things in like baked chicken and taking away fried. Out with processed meats and in with poached salmon and turkey.

The changes will begin gradually starting in April. They say the students are the ones who want this. The Rutgers chef in charge of the overhaul says Millennials are concerned with what they're eating and where it comes from. Well you know what? If that's true, good for them! It's definitely healthier. Just hard to believe that the Fat Darrell, the Fat Knight, and the Fat Fillipino are suddenly so unpopular.

Speaking of junk food, here is perhaps the most ridiculous quiz the internet has ever offered by asking the question...if you were a junk food, what junk food would you be? Take this quiz to find out. (You know you want to!)

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