Rutgers is home to some of the highest paid state employees in New Jersey, and you're footing the bill, whether or not you like what's coming from it.
Attorney and Save New Jersey blogger Matt Rooney is a Rutgers grad and one of the disappointed taxpayers who doesn't think the school's leadership has been acting wisely.
"I think the mismanagement up there goes pretty deep," said Rooney about the Rutgers administration. "A simple Google search will reveal quite a bit of it." According to him, the college has become very politically correct under President Robert Barchi's leadership.

The latest illustration of this, Rooney said, is an email that was sent out by Executive Vice President and Chancellor Richard Edwards for the school's 250th birthday anniversary. Rather than use the opportunity to celebrate the university's positive achievements, Edwards wrote that RU would form a committee to investigate the school's history of displacing groups like the Leni Lenape Indians who may have been negatively affected by the school's establishment.

"What they would tell you they're doing is trying to paint a more accurate picture of history," said Rooney, regarding acts like Edwards' apologetic message. "But really, what they're doing is imposing their ideology on a new generation by only focusing on the negative things."
Rooney also pointed to the "safe zone" trend that is spreading throughout American universities as an example of what's wrong with Rutgers. These politically correct bastions occur when students define a region on campus where no one is allowed to challenge their view points (least they be accused of hate speech, that is).
Ultimately, it's actions like this that stifle free speech and learning. Rooney and I agree that you have to call people out when they try to restrict personal liberties like this.
What do you think about Rutgers' leadership? Has it gone off the deep end, or are people like Rooney overreacting?
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