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3) Is Drug Court a Worthwhile Program and Has it Saved Your Life or the Life of Someone You Know? (Is Drug Court a worthwhile program or would you rather see non violent drug offenders go to jail?)

5) What was the best holiday gift you ever received when you were a child?

6) Do you have a favorite Christmas Carol – One Grocery Store in Seattle Kicks Girls Off Its Property For Singing Christmas Carols.

7) What language other than English do you speak? A report says that nearly 4 in 10 Morris residents don't speak English 'very well!'

8) Rossi Posse iPod Shuffle.

Other things on the back burner:

10) Have You Ever Been stuck by Ice Sliding off the top of another vehicle? Ice slices woman's face after it falls off truck, breaks through windshield on Route 80.

11) What’s the longest stretch of time you’ve ever worked? A 24 year old copywriter tweets about working 30 hours in a row, and dies the next day.

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