While many are jotting down resolutions to lose weight and find true love, New Jersey residents hope the state follows through with a few of its own resolutions for 2014.

New Year's Eve
Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

Lowering property taxes is the top issue New Jerseyans hope to see accomplished in the new year, but other topics like improved public education and reducing unemployment are also major concerns.

"For the state, for the unemployment to be lifted," said one person who spoke to Townsquare Media, "because it's touching a lot of people's lives -- not only just the poor people, but people that work every day."

Another resident worries that the cost of in-state tuition is getting too high, and hoped that could be curbed in the upcoming year.

"I go to Rutgers," he said. "I would like to see the tuition drop a little bit because I don't make a lot of money over the summer, and that's how I'm trying to pay for school."

However, one man said there's nothing he would change about the state.

"Find me somewhere better," said the resident. "I love it here, man."


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