Politics -- and business -- make strange bedfellows. The ongoing saga of former Governor Jon Corzine and his alleged dirty dealings at brokerage firm MF Global are little muddier this morning.

There are reports Corzine, as the CEO of MF Global, strong armed a consulting deal to a firm that employs former President Bill Clinton and ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Teneo holdings was paid $150,000 per month for public relations and consulting work. It appears that advice included the kind of European investments that ultimately sunk MF Global.

The New York Post reports the hiring of Clinton and Blair's firm was controversial among MF execs, and no one was ever clear what they did for the money. The fees were being paid, even as it became clear Corzine was piloting his firm into the ground with risky European investments.

The connections to Teneo go deeper. Corzine and Clinton have always been close political allies, but Corzine's former top political strategist Tom Shea is also a top exec with the firm.

Corzine has already been ordered to appear before the congressional committee looking into the collapse of MF Global and over a billion dollars in missing investor money.