I brought back a prominent cancer doc Colleen Huber and research partner Boris Borovoy. They just completed a new peer-reviewed study analyzing the pandemic and challenging the "group think" that we are constantly spoon-fed by the media.

The doc and her research partner raise the question as to whether there was a pandemic in the first place. They show evidence of a dramatic decline in April year over year in obituaries and medical oxygen sales. Plus flat sales of overall medical equipment.

We discussed the empty hospitals, furloughed medical professionals and the fact that the additional hospitals set up in Central Park, the Javits Center and around New Jersey all packed up and went home without being used. Well to be fair, according to Boris, there were seven reported patients treated at the Javits Center.

We discussed the fact that the so-called curve was flattened in April and May all over the world — Sweden, which never locked down, included. The research they conducted went beyond just the metrics that you would expect to rise instead of fall during a pandemic.

They also discuss the money flowing from the government to hospitals for COVID patients. The government was offering a lot more money for COVID patients than flu and other viruses. Did that play a role in the rise in positive cases? What about the fact that the WHO now admits what we've been saying for years. The PCR test is not being used appropriately and because of the high cycle threshold, the number of false positives may be through the roof.

One of the last segments of the conversation was a question I raised with Boris, who was educated and lived in the former Soviet Union. He has seen communism first hand. He said that what we are experiencing today in America with arbitrary government lockdowns, censorship and favoritism toward big corporations at the expense of the middle class and small business is a form of "technofascism." Under communism, the government and subsequently the party controls the corporations. In America today, it is increasingly obvious that it is the corporations that control the government.

Food for thought for sure. Read the research and listen to the podcast and let me know what you think.

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