The Sayreville football fallout continues as 5 members of the coaching staff including  head coach George Najjar have been reportedly suspended. But they are getting paid.  NJ Advance Media notes that in accordance with state law school district employees not charged with a crime cannot be suspended without pay.

Not really sure what difference suspending them makes since there is no football season, the coaches are getting paid for doing nothing anyway. But if you really want to make a difference going forward, how about we just better enforce the hazing laws? We do have hazing laws in New Jersey and maybe if these "teammates” understood that they were breaking the law,  they might not be so inclined to perform a hazing ritual.

Although I don’t think what happened at Sayreville High School was hazing, I see it more of a sexual assault, it’s often getting referred to as hazing in the press. It may have started as a hazing that got out of hand. I think the only way to prevent it from ever happening again is to outlaw any type of hazing altogether.

The times have changed in sports all the way up to the NFL. There is no room for any type of hazing and the idea that it happened to you when you were a freshmen and you took it because one day you were going to be giving it as a senior is now over. It’s not innocent, it’s not fun and if you want to feel like a man, then make a play on the field instead of ganging up on someone half your size in the locker room.

I never understood the idea of pledging your loyalty to a team and then being afraid of that team. I’m surprised those players didn’t simply quit. How the coaches could be oblivious to what was going on is beyond me. How a star player could throw away not only a scholarship but what could have been a promising career over something like this is a damn shame.

Would you like to see any type of hazing outlawed? Have you ever been the victim of a hazing?