This past week, even after so many people have been vaccinated against COVID-19, people can be seen wearing masks outdoors with nobody around. They wear it like it's a force field of protection from the "boogie man" virus that will strike them dead. Despite the case numbers going down, both in infection and fatality, the panic won't let go.

I believe that so many people have so little in their lives to give them meaning or a cause, even after they banished the evil "orange man" in the White House, they can't give up the fight.

It's almost more of a moral and political statement of theatre than anything based on science or reality.

It's a phenomenon unlike anything we've ever seen in our lifetimes or in modern history as a whole. The attached article calls them "liberal", but real liberals believe in liberty and personal freedoms and the right to live your life as you choose. But these people are the opposite. They're more like radical, religious zealots who want you to live life, not as you choose, but as they demand.

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Presumably they are the ones more likely to be vaccinated and safe from the virus, but surveys show they're still the most apprehensive to do any of the normal activities we all enjoyed in "the before times."

It's madness and there is no magic wand that anyone could wave to make it stop, short of Dr. Fauci coming out and saying, "it's ok kids you can go back to living normally." That doesn't seem to be likely to happen anytime soon.

Even though the CDC came out on Thursday and said if you're fully vaccinated you don't have to wear a mask indoors or outdoors. Hopefully this will calm some people in this paranoid state to calm the f&% down, but I wouldn't bet on it. The panic is more real than the threat of the virus.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis’ own.

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