Since I’m filling in for Deminski and Doyle this afternoon, we’ll be doing a special Friday edition of Jersey’s Opening Lines at 6pm.

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How it works is simple, I give you the opening line of a song that we play every weekend her eon NJ101.5 “When the music comes out to play.” You can choose from the sixties, seventies, or eighties, If you get it right, you’ll win tickets to the Concert to Save the Jersey Shore at the PNC Banks Arts Center on August 3rd, featuring the Jersey All-Star Band and O.A.R, or Dena Blizzard performing one special show Saturday night at Sarcasm Comedy Club in the Cherry Hill Crowne Plaza with special guest Vince Valentine.

It’s that simple! Play Jersey’s Opening Lines with me Steve Trevelise tonight at six on New Jersey 101.5!