Anyone with questions about the Oyster Creek Power Plant's latest safety assessment by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is invited to an Open House in Manahawkin hosted by the NRC.

Oyster Creek Sirens Tested Today

May 15th's Open House will allow residents to have one-on-one conversations with NRC officials about the plant's 2012 safety assessment. There will also be a formal Q&A session.

The open house is scheduled from 6 pm to 7 pm at the Holiday Inn on Route 37 in Toms River, with the Q&A starting immediately afterwards. Registration to ask questions can be done when you enter.

Oyster Creek passed all of it's NRC safety assessments without issues of major concern, meaning the plant will continue to get the same level of oversight for 2013.

Darrell Roberts, NRC Region 1 Division of Reactor Projects Director, says in addition to the 2012 assessments they are prepared to answer questions on a litany of topics residents might have.

"Including Superstorm Sandy and the plant's response to that, emergency preparedness to that, and a recent petition filed to put in place a number of measures before the plant can continue to operate."

The petition which Roberts references was filed by groups criticizing the plant for losing the ability to use numerous emergency sirens during the storm. The NRC director says they investigated the case and points out the plant's back up alert system was in place.

"Exelon has committed to the State of New Jersey to install battery back up to mitigate that issue in the future."

There will be no limitations as to topics residents can ask, however Roberts says issues that are under investigation will not be addressed at that time.

He notes all of the issues they had with Oyster Creek's safety assessment were minor. The annual assessment letter for Oyster Creek is available on the NRC website.

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