It’s happening at at least one grocery store that we know of. This safety innovation during the spread of coronavirus might be coming to a store near you.

One-way aisles.

In addition to already having asked customers to be mindful of keeping at least six feet apart, the ShopRite in Bloomfield announced the new measure on social media this weekend:

Introducing new, one-way aisles to promote social distancing and improve traffic flow! We are committed during this pandemic to create the safest, most efficient shopping experience possible for the protection and well-being of our customers and associates. Please be mindful of the blue arrows when navigating our store, remember to be kind and patient to others around you as we all adapt to this new pattern, and respect social distancing by staying 6 feet apart. Thank you!

Bloomfield ShopRite
Photos: Facebook, ShopRite (Bloomfield, NJ)

According to the store's post's comment section, the idea is already a big hit. The store was given high praise for other creative ways of trying to keep the public safe during this pandemic. It’s an idea that is likely to be picked up by other stores.

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