It’s nice to see guys on opposite ends of the aisle stand up for each other instead of taking shots.

In that spirit, State Sen. Richard Codey, who may just be taking on the Governor in the 2013 race, stuck up for him today by taking to task a NY Post headline that made fun of the Governor’s weight.

According to, the former Governor said “The article is insulting not only to the governor but to those who hold those sites sacred. It is also a slap in the face to journalists who take their work seriously.”

Aside from the headline, the article said Christie made a “huge impression” at the holy site known as the Wailing Wall, or Western Wall, and “brought his political heft” to it.

“Governor Christie and I have our disagreements, but no one should be subjected to the kind of grammar school innuendos and stupid puns that are splashed throughout the headline and story,” said Codey.

He’s right about one thing…since the Wailing Wall is probably the most sacred site in Judaic tradition, the play on words is out of line given that context.

However, the Governor makes no bones about his struggles with weight; and has shown himself to have the “tough skin” that goes along with that.

So, personally, I don’t think he’d be offended at the reference being directed toward him; but would be more offended as it seemingly trivializes the name of a holy site revered by millions.

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