We're hearing that a new vaccine, released after the election of course, is somewhere between 90% and 95% effective according to statements from Pfizer and Moderna. OK, but we also know that you have a greater than 99% chance of surviving the novel coronavirus. Even elderly patients have about a 95% chance of survival. We also know that the rate of reinfection is almost ZERO.

We also know that the so-called spike is based on a flawed PCR test that is being misused in the contest of judging "spread." Actually, the numbers seem to be purposefully misleading, to continue to fuel panic. As we've discussed, the PCR test identifies traces of the virus based on "cycles." The more cycles needed, the less the virus is present. Even the New York Times reported that the tests were 90% inaccurate.

Now we have even more evidence of how these false positives are well known among the so-called experts advocating for further lockdown measures, including Dr. Anthony Fauci. Here's a report from a writer exposing Fauci in is own words:

July 16, 2020, podcast [2], “This Week in Virology”: Tony Fauci makes a point of saying the PCR COVID test is useless and misleading when the test is run at “35 cycles or higher.” A positive result, indicating infection, cannot be accepted or believed.

Here, in techno-speak, is an excerpt from Fauci’s key quote (starting at about the 4-minute mark): “…If you get [perform the test at] a cycle threshold of 35 or more…the chances of it being replication-confident [aka accurate] are miniscule…you almost never can culture virus [detect a true positive result] from a 37 threshold cycle…even 36…”

Each “cycle” of the test is a quantum leap in amplification and magnification of the test specimen taken from the patient.

Too many cycles, and the test will turn up all sorts of irrelevant material that will be wrongly interpreted as relevant.

That’s called a false positive.

What Fauci failed to say on the video is: the FDA, which authorizes the test for public use, recommends the test should be run up to 40 cycles. Not 35." - Jon Rappaport on lewrockwell.com

We also know that masks are totally ineffective and according to some experts, actually dangerous. The chorus of medical voices about the uselessness of the masks are growing. There's a report from the Primary Doctor Medical that will surely make you think twice before putting on a mask. Additionally, the number of doctors, epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists and medical practitioners who have signed onto the Great Barrington Declaration opposing lockdowns has grown to nearly 47,000.

So lockdowns and masks have clearly done nothing that was promised by the politicians and medical bureaucrats. If you're gonna get the virus, you're gonna get it. Even at the height of the pandemic in April, the governor in New York had to admit that two out of every three people hospitalized were staying at home.

Good news is you will most likely not even get sick let alone need hospitalization if you get coronavirus. The WHO estimates that at least 750 million people have contracted coronavirus. With 1 million-plus deaths, that means the mortality rate is almost exactly in line with the flu. As far as the flu, it seems to be WORSE than COVID especially for younger, healthy people. Around a half a million, up to as many as 800,000 hospitalizations, during the season are attributed to the flu according to the CDC.

So when you hear the news talking about hospitalizations and positive tests, know that spikes in hospitalizations happen EVERY year and the test is almost always a false positive. So again, the media is complicit with fueling irrational and unnecessary fear which allows corrupt politicians to justify taking away your rights and wrecking your businesses and families.

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