Today’s show got really personal. We paused the topic of the state controlled schools in NJ, to speak with a young college student, Melissa from Edison. Melissa vented her frustration over trying to get through college and find a career.

The idea of everyone needing to go to college is ludicrous. Millennials have to make a decision that isn’t depicted by someone else’s belief, whether it be their parents or otherwise. I personally believe that the education system is just shuffling kids along. Melissa is the perfect example as to why kids are getting the wrong message. Melissa said "You know I grew up knowing I have to go to to college. My mom went. My family went. People in my older family went. My brother went. It's just, I have to go. I have to get it done."

No one can tell you what is best for you, especially a career path. I asked Melissa what she wanted to do. "I like helping people. I always said I'm going to be a doctor. I always said it. And now, I feel like I can't achieve that. I have to settle myself to going for a medical assistant's job or some type of trade to be where I want to be. I don't want to do that. Why do I have to settle my self short because I wasn't taught properly?"

I gave Melissa some hope, encouraging her and telling her there is a long road ahead of her to make herself happy. While jobs can be a struggle, she should focus on something that she can be good at.

Listen to the full call in the YouTube clip above.

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