Even as people are having less sex, the occurrence of the three most common STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) has been rising in New Jersey. According to NJ Spotlight, New Jersey legislators are considering a bill that would offer something called “expedited partner therapy” that allows doctors to prescribe medications to the partners of people who have been diagnosed with an STD, even if the practitioner hasn’t examined, or even met, the person.

If passed, the legislation would allow clinicians to prescribe or dispense medications in the partner’s name if known, or generically if the name isn’t known. The diagnosed patient would identify someone they are reasonably certain they had infected in the two months prior to diagnosis and then they could be prescribed or given necessary medications (usually antibiotics). It would also require that printed materials be given to the patient that have information about the disease, possible drug interactions, and other tips. According to NJ Spotlight, most states have already passed similar laws, but two states, Kentucky and South Carolina, expressly prohibit it.

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