The Manchester Hawks are 4-0.

My friend, Tommy Farrell is the head coach.

My wife Jodi and I went to his first game as head coach last year to support our friend and former producer at New Jersey 101.5 and at Chasing News.

Tommy took over the team at a time where high school football was under attack by the media and activists decrying the dangers of the game.

Tom Ferrell, Head coach of The Manchester Redhawks (Photo via Tom Ferrell)
Tommy Farrell, Head coach of The Manchester Hawks (Photo via Tom Farrell)

Of course, what the corporate media missed (or purposefully ignored) is that all youth sports come with some risk of injury. Actually, when it comes to head injuries, specifically concussions, girls soccer outpaced the boys on the gridiron for a five-year period from 2010 to 2015 .

The numbers continue to show that nearly ALL youth sports carry a risk of head injury.

When it comes to risks, it's all about balancing the reward.

For young men in particular, it's a proving ground for them to learn how to be a strong, capable man.

We hear too often that masculinity is 'toxic'.

Nothing has betrayed our social structure more in this politically correct world than the assault on manhood. Coach Farrell take the role of training these young men and helping them become more than just football players.

Tom Ferrell and his team (Photo via Tom Ferrell)
Tommy Farrell and his team (Photo via Tom Farrell and Cnava)

His coaching, mentoring and leadership is contributing to a strong positive culture among the boys and will serve them well long after High School.

It's no small feat that the team is also undefeated!

They've won all four contests so far this year and head into Keyport at noon this Saturday.

Congrats to Tommy and the entire team, and specifically two stand out players, Senior running back Josh Love who is leading the state in TDs and scoring, and Sophomore defensive end Kurtis Mayer who leads the state in sacks.

NFL pros from New Jersey

There are more than 60 active pros with NJ roots.

More than 10 players who made it to the NFL conference championship games this year have NJ ties — and four active NFL quarterbacks were born in the Garden State.

Some of them may even be on your fantasy football team.

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