Current Assembly Budget Committee chairman Vinnie Prieto and Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald today announced 41 members of the Democratic caucus in support of a new leadership team for the 2014-15 Legislature.

Assemblyman Louis Greenwald
Assemblyman Louis Greenwald (Facebook)

The move is contingent upon Democrats keeping control of the House after the Nov. 5 elections.

“The past four years have brought many challenges, many successes and many accomplishments to the General Assembly,” write Prieto and Greenwald in a joint emailed statement. “In presiding over the General Assembly during this period, Speaker (Sheila) Oliver has met each and every challenge with the grace, compassion and determination that is becoming of a great leader.”

According to the lawmakers, the next legislative session will bring an entirely new set of challenges and issues confronting New Jersey. They say, in the interest of bringing to the table new ideas and new advocacy for the principles of the Democratic Party, they are supporting a new leadership team in the Assembly with Prieto as Speaker and Greenwald keeping his role as Majority Leader for the next legislative session in January.