Dozens of cats and dogs, including weeks-old kittens and puppies, have arrived in New Jersey and neighboring states from the South Atlantic region now being battered by Hurricane Dorian.

Mariah Marcotte, of Lost Paws Animal Rescue, a foster-based group in Central Jersey, said her organization has provided temporary homes for five puppies and three kittens rescued from a flood zone in South Carolina via that state's St. Francis Animal Shelter. Another young pup in the group already has been adopted permanently, according to the Lost Paws Facebook page.

She said S.C. shelter workers recently drove north with 78 cats and dogs, distributing them at seven spots out of harm's way that have resources to help. Some of the rescues were taken in by Traveling 4 Paws Rescue, another New Jersey foster-based effort out of Cranford.

Hurricane Dorian animal evacuees also have included several dogs transferred to both St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center and Monmouth SPCA, according to each shelter's Facebook page.

SAVE, a rescue shelter in the Skillman section of Montgomery, this week took in five dogs, six puppies and five mother cats and their litters from South Carolina and Florida. The group also temporarily housed 20 dogs after their transport vehicle broke down on its way to Long Island.

Marcotte said post-storm, animal shelters in the impacted areas of North and South Carolina are likely to see a surge in local animals seeking help — up to three times the "normal" amount of cats and dogs that are either abandoned, lost or otherwise in-need.

She said New Jersey residents can help not only by seeking to adopt such animals, but also by offering to foster such animals, or by donating supplies to shelters that are supporting the extra need.

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