If you have kids, then you need to hear this. A pilot program underway in several school districts around the state, could have a major impact on education.

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A new statewide system for evaluating teachers and principals is set to launch next year.

It is now being judged for it's effectiveness. Dr. Richard Bozza with the Association of School Administrators says the idea is to link teacher performance with student achievement.

He says "this could strengthen the learning process for students. If teachers are looked at more critically and there's a correlation between academic achievement and the work they are doing, everyone can benefit."

Tenure "No Longer a Right" Under New Program

Bozza adds one wrinkle is that "many subjects like art, music and physical education fall under ton-tested courses, making student progress more difficult to track. The groups testing the plan are currently working on possible options."

One of the main features of the program is how teacher tenure is decided. Bozza says "tenure will no longer be a right. All teachers will have to earn it."

The NJ Pilot program is being extended during 2013 to 30 school districts with the goal to go statewide by 2014. The pilot program focuses on teacher evaluations with principal evaluation pilots to follow.

According to Dr. Bozza, " We're moving in the right direction. By seeing how the assessments work in the classroom and the school, and by creating the opportunity for stakeholders to participate in the discussion, we will allow for the creation of the most authentic, effective system for teacher and principal assessment."

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