Last nights 2-hour premier of Mad Men was packed with new story lines to set up the new season.


We have the Drapers starting off in Hawaii, Don’s ex wife looking for the daughter she wishes she had and dealing with the weight problem she wishes she didn’t have. Don’s got a new Doctor friend and someone new to play doctor with, and death seems to be the prevailing theme, as the “Mad Men” enter what I believe is 1967.


But the one thing I find intriguing as a writer is the part where they brainstorm to come up with the ideas for the products they need to sell. Remember the “Mad Men” were the people who wrote and produced all those commercials we grew up with. They wrote the jingles that we still sing when we see the product, even though we haven’t heard them in years. What are the commercials you still remember from your youth?  Feel free to sing along as you list them