Yes, the unapproved COVID-19 vaccines authorized by the FDA for emergency use will soon be available to everyone. I thought you weren't supposed to "experiment with drugs," but I digress. Currently, if you're over 55 or have a medical condition that puts you at risk, you can get the COVID vaccine. As of April 19, a few days from now, everyone can participate in the great experiment in an effort to avoid serious illness or death from a virus that is not very deadly in the healthy population.

I'm sure many of you have had the debate or at least the conversation with people who feel differently than you about getting the vaccine. The main argument for getting it is usually couched by the person saying they're doing it for the people around them, not necessarily for themselves. OK, so the vaccines don't prevent you from getting the virus or passing it on, it just prevents you at an advertised 90-95% probability of you getting seriously ill or dying from COVID.

So, isn't the person not getting the vaccine, who will more likely exhibit more harsh symptoms and then get tested, treated (hopefully) and then quarantine, less likely to spread it? Isn't that person doing more for society's safety than the fully vaccinated person? Theoretically yes, he/she is. But isn't this all theoretical from the beginning or is it "settled science" like the so-called experts tell us whenever we challenge their theories.

The models and directives from the experts have changed drastically from the start of this viral outbreak. From the number of projected deaths, to mask wearing, to how far we should distance, to how long to "flatten the curve, has all changed over the past year. In a recent article I read, the author gives 18 reasons why he's not comfortable with taking the vaccine.

You may have several of your own and they should be respected, right? So, if a person doesn't feel comfortable with a vaccine authorized for emergency use and maintains a healthy immune system with a healthy lifestyle, should they be scorned or looked up to or preferably just left to make their own choices with their own health. "My body, my choice," right?

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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