Some South Jersey municipalities are asking people to stop flushing wipes down the toilet, and, yes, that includes the ones that say they are flushable. As people have become more focused on cleaning, more wipes are making their way into the treatment plants and its causing problems.

According to the Courier Post, towns are reminding their residents not to flush “napkins, paper towels, tissues, cleaning wipes, baby wipes, sanitary napkins and yes, flushable wipes.”

The build up of these and other items has caused clogs in some of the drainpipes which then required dismantling to clean out. All the junk that accumulates, including those “flushable” wipes, has to be removed by employees using rakes (ewww) at the pump station. Even before people started going ballistic on cleaning, wipes in the sewer system were a problem, but now, coupled with staff reductions, they’re even a bigger issue. So, when hygenically possible, don’t flush anything other than toilet paper.

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