You would never think it if you talk to those who live here but New Jersey has been ranked the 5th happiest state in nation according to WalletHub.

The website says they examined 50 states in 31 key metrics, including depression rate, sports participation rate and income growth to name a few. What they found is that money doesn't buy happiness in New Jersey but happiness can increase with an annual income of $75,000 to $95,000. New Jersey did come in second in emotional and physical well-being and lowest suicide rate.

Hawaii was ranked the happiest state while West Virginia was ranked the unhappiest state. To see how the other states did, click here.

So what makes us happy in New Jersey?

Personally, New Jersey is in my blood and I can't leave. But here's what makes you happy in New Jersey. As always, to stay connected with the show online for questions like this you can follow me on Twitter @realstevetrev or on Facebook at The Steve Trevelise Show.

Francie Trout - "The beach."

Tommy Howell - "Food."

Eric Jensen - "I live in a great town, with close proximity to New York, My New York Giants, reasonable property taxes."

Cindy Sivak - "Don’t have to pump my own gas! And the beach and proximity to NYC!"

Carolyn Dee - "The History."

Cindy Zwicker - "Being near the ocean/ bay and hearing seagulls everywhere I go."

Bob DiSogra - "In central NJ you are less than two hours from the BEST of what life has to offer: ethnic food, gourmet food, NYC, Philly, the arts, education, the shore, professional sports all year round, did I say the shore? And, yes, the people - good people!"

Robert Pisani - "I love the corruption of Hudson County Politics. The looting of pensions by our governors and most of all because I am from Hudson County the Taylor Ham Egg and Cheese sandwiches with salt, pepper and ketchup. That’s why I love it here. No state makes a sandwich that compares. As far as the politicians go...."

Ric Favacchia - "Who named us happiest?!? We got shi**y governor, shi**y useless government, worst drivers on the planet, having the highest insurance rates in the nation, high taxes...half the state is trying to get out of here..."

Kevin Archut - "It's only happy to the people that are about to move out NJ."

Jason Vincent - "We also were ranked #3 for most psychopaths. I think there is a correlation here."

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