In a typical knee-jerk reaction to a rash of recent illnesses caused by vaping, New Jersey is poised to be the first state to ban it.

Senate President Steve Sweeney says there are other ways to quit smoking from nicotine gum to patches, so there's no need for vaping products. As usual the geniuses in Trenton are about to expand and exacerbate the problem rather than solve anything. The vast majority of these incidents come from 'street products' that are homemade and infused with THC, not legitimate retail products sold at vape shops. So by making it illegal here, you're just going to expand the underground black market street product availability.

These morons (my apologies to anyone diagnosed as a moron) in Trenton are so predictable in their power hungry phony posturing, but no one seems to call them out these days. This is not about public safety. It's about public perception. If you think these idiots (again my apologies to idiots everywhere) are looking out for the people, then they get to stay entrenched in their positions and gain more power.

This recent spate of illness is largely due to unregulated homemade street drugs, but the media hype has failed to mention that in most of it's coverage. Maybe it's just typical shoddy journalism or a push by big tobacco to influence the public. Either was it's a great opportunity for New Jersey government to restrict yet one more thing that they don't trust you to do as an adult. My question is when will we all grow up and vote these scoundrels out of our lives for good?!

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