I know you think you need a drink during this self isolation nightmare. But actually, there’s a much better use for that grain alcohol.

Hopewell New Jersey’s Sourland Mountain Distillery has decided that instead of pumping out more beverages for people, it will devote their time the resources of its distillery exclusively to producing hand sanitizer for medical workers.

Before it decided to turn from the distillery into a hand sanitizer factory, Sourland produced specialty craft spirits like apple brandy bourbon and vodka. Then, like other companies in New Jersey, it selflessly decided to put its alcohol to a more important use.

According to a press release from Sourland, Ray Disch, founder and CEO of Sourland Mountain Spirits (SMS) said “Within two weeks, our non-GMO, neutral grain went from helping people celebrate life to helping save it,”

Disch continued, “I’ve been told that when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade – but that doesn’t work nearly as well against COVID-19 as our 80-percent-alcohol hand sanitizer.”

Here is a list, taken from the SMS press release of all of the distilleries in New Jersey that are now producing hand sanitizers. Thank you so much to these New Jersey companies that are giving of themselves and their profits to help all of us stay safe and virus-free.

New Jersey distillers that have started producing hand sanitizers to protect us from COVID-19:

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