He’s not the only person this is happened to, but I still find it pretty amazing. My husband was told the other day that he has the IgG coronavirus antibodies, a sign that he once had the novel coronavirus and has recovered from it.

He had to have his blood tested for some other reason and it seems that his doctor threw in the antibody test for good measure. He called my husband to tell him the news and the convo went something like this:

Doc: “Well, at least you’ve got the antibodies.”
Mark: “What does that mean?”
Doc: “The antibodies show up in your blood after you’ve recovered from COVID-19.”
Mark: “But I’ve never had COVID-19”
Doc: “Yes you have. But the good news is you’ve recovered.”

The other good news is, he had no clue. Except for a slight cold at the end of March and a perceptible ache in his legs a couple of weeks ago, he had no symptoms. So there you go. A guy who has just about every health problem known to man, who is considered in the highest-risk category for having the most severe complications from the disease didn’t even know he had it. Of course, he’s not just going to relax completely.

This test can’t tell him if he’s immune to COVID-19 because we don’t know how long these antibodies might protect him against the coronavirus. But still. He went back to work. Because no matter what they say, once you have the antibodies you do feel a little bit more free. A little more protected.

You might even feel like you can hug your grandkids for the first time in two months.

So he did.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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