We’ve partnered with the law firm of Szaferman, Lakind, Blumstein & Blader, P.C. to offer advice as to steps you can take if your home owner’s insurance is being denied.      

What do you do if your homeowners innsurance is denied?
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Policy holders can take steps to protect their rights and increase the chance of a successful insurance coverage claim.  The following steps could help protect your rights.


When you file a claim, take notes detailing all your contacts with the insurance company. List the date, time and a brief description of who said what.  Take photographs of the damage before any repairs are done.  Make an itemized list of all damage sustained during the storm and its aftermath.


Do all you can to minimize secondary damage.  Your homeowner's policy requires that you "mitigate damage," which means taking reasonable steps to prevent further damage.  Get a repair estimate from a contractor to help you talk with the adjuster.  Keep receipts for any emergency repairs, and costs such as staying in a hotel. They may be reimbursable under the "additional living expense" portion of your homeowners' policy.


Check in regularly with your insurance agent or company on your claim’s progress.  If the insurer denies your claim or offers a minor amount, don't just accept it.  Ask the company for the language in your policy justifying the denial or offering so little. The company may be right, but you won’t know until you or your attorney look into it.


Policy owners pay premiums for a reason: so their valid claims will be paid.  If we can help you with an insurance claim, please contact us.


We’ve partnered with the law firm of Szaferman, Lakind, Blumstein & Blader, P.C., to bring you this sound advice and if you have further legal questions, you can send the firm a text, by texting the word ‘LAW’ to 89000, or email them directly via to the link provided mailto:question@szaferman.com.

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