It's like the classic horror film "Friday The 13," which by the way was filmed in New Jersey, when every time you think Jason's dead he comes back to life or Stephen King's Christine where no matter how much damage is done to the car, it does the same thing.

What exactly do we have to do to finally kill Gov. Murphy's mask mandate? Should we drive a stake through it while wearing a garlic necklace? Perhaps then fry that garlic with the steak and add some peppers and onions? Hey, it is New Jersey. But then again if we did that a child wouldn't be able to eat it in school because they are wearing a stupid mask!

The latest episode of "As The Mask Wears" has little children in elementary schools forced to wear them because they're too young for the vaccine. These children have an incredibly low risk of contracting or spreading the COVID virus made even more difficult with the number of people in New Jersey who have been vaccinated or are getting the vaccine.

So why would schools be forcing kids to continue to wear masks in elementary schools while their parents can take theirs off at work? Is it really about the lack of vaccines or fear of liability should a student actually infect someone as low as those odds would be?

In my opinion, it's not the government's job to run your body, it's the government's job to run your state and frankly they have not been doing a very good job as they hide behind the COVID excuse.

But when it comes to dealing with COVID, you've been given information, education, vaccines, treatments, and basically everything you need to deal with it. Now it's up to you. If you're still afraid of going outside, stay inside. If you're afraid to take off the mask, then leave it on.

But don't traumatize these children anymore. They didn't sign up to have their childhood robbed by this paranoia. There's nothing like a child's smile to make you feel better and right now we can use all the help we can in that area.

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