It should be obvious to anyone who has studied American History or who has basic knowledge of our republic that one person alone should not have the power to rule over citizens in this country. Yet, due to the panic fueled by the media and some of our government, people don't seem to be as upset as they should be about the situation we are in.

Over the weekend, Gov. Phil Murphy extended his health emergency declaration yet another month while the state economy shrivels.

Any New Jersey governor has to renew it every 30 days, according to our state constitution. I'm sure the framers never intended it to go on for more than a month or two when they came up with the idea. It's done under the guise of "public safety," but more dangerous, unintended consequences are resulting from the near-lockdown and panic he's caused.

Back in March, State Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli stated that she would probably get the virus and that we all would due to the highly contagious nature of it. So, if we're all going to get it, why are we trying to run and hide from a virus, rather than take precautions and feel secure knowing that we've come a long way since its arrival. Back in March and April, hospitals were putting people on ventilators at an alarming rate, until the doctors figured out that wasn't the best course of action for many patients.

A number of treatments and medications have shown tremendous results in getting people well quickly. So, let's make sure the hospitals are adequately staffed and stocked with what they need to treat infected patients and live life with the freedoms we are guaranteed. We all need to stop feeding into the panic and stop playing his stupid "hide from the virus" game.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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