Earlier this month, Gov. Phil Murphy ordered masks be worn outside if social distancing isn't possible.

If I'm getting in an outdoor line and most of the people are wearing masks, I'll put one on. It's not to protect myself or those around me from "the virus." It's to protect me from getting into a conflict with the people around me. There is enough acrimony in the world today and I don't feel the need to add to it.

Just like Dr. Anthony Fauci said a few months ago before he changed his mind, I don' think they do anything to significantly stop the spread of COVID-19. He's been at this for 50 years and is a renowned expert. How did his expertise and the science change in the last few months? I dunno!

I'm not an anti-mask zealot and I won't judge other people if they feel more secure and comfortable wearing a mask wherever they go. I've seen people driving in a car alone and wearing a mask. It would seem that could only be a negative factor in their health, but if it makes them feel better, then good for them. There is another side to the mask mandates that doesn't make the mainstream media or most "woke" peoples' news feeds on social media. If you choose to listen to another side, there are experts who say there are NO significant findings that wearing masks helps stop the spread of the virus.

One quote from the above article and video states, "NONE of these well-designed studies that are intended to remove observational bias … found there was a statistically significant advantage of wearing a mask versus not wearing a mask." Whether you choose to adhere to the "orders" of wearing a mask should be your choice and should be respected. One thing is for sure. Nothing we do in public or online does not go without scrutiny or judgement in this tense, weird world we find ourselves in. Try to be happy, be healthy and above all, be kind to each other. That's the one thing we do have control over.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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