Among the dozens of protesters at Gov. Chris Christie's town hall Wednesday in Belmar were those seeking to expand the presence of medical marijuana in New Jersey.

Governor Christie hosts a town hall in Belmar (Townsquare Media)

The governor was criticized during the town hall's Q&A segment for his decision to conditionally veto a bill last summer that would have granted access to edible forms of medical marijuana for both minors and adults. With the veto, Christie ensured edibles could only be given to minors, and not to anyone over the age of 17.

The Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey told Christie he should change his stance to help the state's hospice patients who may not be able to smoke the drug due to health reasons or rules against smoking.

Asked why he conditionally vetoed the bill in September, Christie said he was not presented with any evidence that shows edibles are medically necessary for adults.

"I'm not just going to do it because people come to town hall meetings with signs," Christie told the coalition's co-founder Jim Miller.

Miller indicated that a relevant, reliable organization may soon release an official statement in favor of edibles for adults. Christie said he would be willing to revisit the issue if "credible organizations" put the right evidence in front of him, and a new bill hits his desk.