If you ever wondered why the coronavirus spread so quickly and so widely in Northern Italy, it simple. Business. The Chinese have been buying up Italian companies for most of the last decade. From olive oil packing plants and olive groves to soccer teams. The Chinese are doing business back and forth from China to Milan on a regular basis.

They're not traveling in large numbers to Rome, Florence, the Amalfi Coast or Sicily for vacation. They're going to the business hub of Milan, in Lombardy, the region with most of the cases and deaths from corona virus. Then hundreds of students from the south went home out of fear of contracting the virus and spread it to their hometowns in the south and the rest of the country.

We have a trip to the south of Italy planned for September. If you have summer trips planned, things should hopefully have calmed down by then. The Chinese have bought up other valuable parts of Europe as well, but we don't keep track of such things, unless you're in international trade. It's also interesting to note that in this worldwide medical crisis over 90% of all antibiotics are made in China. Comforting thought, no? So if you wondered why did corona strike there, why that part of Europe, now you know.

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