This is for a lot of people. But not the majority.

The majority were responsible and took the pandemic seriously. The majority understood epidemiologists and scientists are qualified individuals who offer sound advice and know more about these things than we do because it’s their area of expertise.

This is for the others. The ones who said, “This is a head cold!” The dope who said, “There is no public health crisis!” The fools who said, “The flu is worse!” The math failures who claimed, “As more testing is done the mortality rate in NJ is going down!”

All false. All reckless lies.

And it’s time you man up and admit you were wrong and apologize for being so irresponsible during a state of emergency.

You’ve spread misinformation and you did it on purpose. Was it because you’re just that arrogant you think you’re more medically qualified than the likes of Dr. Anthony Fauci? Was it because you’re a right-leaning political animal to the point you’re willing to lie to appear correct? Or was it because you were just scared and in denial? Or just plain stupid?

The mortality rate, the percentage of known positive cases resulting in death, is now 4.08% in New Jersey as I write this. Nationally it is also just over 4%. The mortality rate for seasonal flu is generally 0.1%, one tenth of one percent. So when we are looking at the reality of a mortality rate 40 times greater than flu it’s irresponsible to claim this is “just a flu.” By doing so, you encouraged people to not take it seriously, to disregard emergency rules. President Trump himself, a guy who made denial fashionable, came around once numbers were presented to him that if nothing were done and no shutdowns took place somewhere between 1 million to 2 million Americans would die. If those of you who have been dismissive of this had said instead that a couple million lives is an acceptable loss to save the economy then I could at least respect that as it is an opinion.

You didn’t though. You distorted facts and outright invented your own alternate reality. You lied. You lied to your friends, your relatives, your neighbors. And by doing so you encouraged anyone who would listen to you to also disregard facts and disregard emergency orders and you have put more of the public in danger by doing so.

You bitch and moan like a petulant 5 year old about your rights and that the government is just trying to control you. You still pretend this is no worse than flu when New Jersey has already lost double the lives to COVID-19 than we have each flu season for the past 10 years, even WITH all the shutdowns and social distancing.

Can you fathom how far greater the body count would be had we done what you suggested and done nothing?

So this is for the guy who my wife saw someone getting thrown out of a store because he refused to wear a mask and proceeded to berate the store manager telling him how ridiculous he was.

This is for the moron who tried calling in to our show a week ago claiming this was all a hoax.

This is for the guy who said there is no public health crisis and that you were all being lied to by the government.

This is for the woman who selfishly continues to have family and friends to her home.

This is for those who said the flu is worse or implied that you’re a sheep if you care enough about other people to comply with the law or were stating mortality rates were going down when they were actually going up.

Man up and admit you were wrong. An apology won't kill you. COVID-19 might.

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