WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP (Gloucester County) — A man who, police say, sexually and physically assaulted an acquaintance after the two met at an adult bookstore has been indicted on several charges.

According to a complaint filed by Washington Township police, the men met at the Gemini Bookstore in the Turnersville section of town on June 20. The complaint said a man told police he met 43-year-old Joseph Lavin at the store early that morning, and the men agreed to go to the Prim Rose Motel. But the man said he was clear with Lavin that he was not interested in having sex, according to the complaint.

According to the complaint, the man told police that when the men got to the motel they were "spooning" naked, but that he told Lavin "we are only cuddling, none of that sex stuff." Despite that warning, the man reportedly said, Lavin grabbed the victim from behind by the chest and sexually assaulted him.

The man also said as he was being assaulted he continued unsuccessfully telling Lavin to stop, according to the complaint.

After the first assault, the complaint quotes the man saying, Lavin punched the motel room door before throwing bath towels and the comforter from the bed onto him and punching him in the chest.

"I kept telling him to stop but he just said if I told anyone when he did they wouldn't believe me because there there were no bruises," the complaint quotes the man saying.

The man also reportedly told police that in addition to sexually asaulting him with his Penis, Lavin penetrated him with his finger. The man reportedly told police when the assault was done he attempted to leave the motel room, thinking Lavin was in the bathroom, but that Lavin ran to shut to door before he could get out.

"Where do you think you're going?" the man told police Lavin said, according to the complaint.

The man said Lavin asked him where he was going again, this time pointing a black gun at his side, according to the complaint. Lavin then told the man he needed to give him a ride to a liquor store in Buena Vista before he was able to get away, the complaint quotes the man saying.

Police met the man at Kennedy Memorial Hospital two days after the alleged assault where he complained of "minor pain in his chest and significant pain in his abdominal area and rectum," according to the complaint.

The complaint said the man was able to identify the room where Lavin had been staying. According to motel records, Lavin had moved out of the room after the date of the alleged incident.

Video from the store was also checked, and confirmed the part of the victim's account that took place there, according to police.

Lavin was indicted on one count of second-degree sexual assault, one count of fourth-degree criminal sexual contact, one count of fourth-degree aggravated assault for knowingly pointing a fire arm at another person, and one count of third-degree criminal restraint.

Court records show Lavin is currently being held at the Salem County Correctional Facility.

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