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At the Popcorn Park Zoo in Forked River, families have the opportunity to see exotic and domestic animals that have been rescued and nursed back to health from all over the world.


Feeding the animals at the Popcorn Park Zoo in Forked River (Photo courtesy of: Jessica Vuksanic)

The Popcorn Park Zoo provides visitors with an experience unique from any other zoo.

The zoo sells light snacks for hungry visitors, as well as for some of the animals too. Bags of air-popped popcorn can be purchased and kids can feed some of the birds and farm animals around the grounds. Boxes of peanuts can be purchased as well, which are favorite snacks for the bears, monkeys, deer and goats.

The animals at the zoo are wildlife that could no longer survive in their habitat. Each animal at the Popcorn Park Zoo was rescued from suffering, exploitation or death.

Animals have been nursed back to health and now enjoy the company of the hundreds of loving people they see everyday.

Founded in 1977 with the sole purpose of providing refuge to struggling animals, the zoo is home to both domestic and exotic species.

Popcorn Park Zoo takes care of over 200 different animals ranging from geese all the way to an African Lion. Some of the other animal species that can be seen at the Popcorn Park Zoo include: camels, Australian wallabies, monkeys, tigers, horses, turtles, bears, and peacocks.

All proceeds from the admission fee are used to help rescue more animals, and continue to take care of the animals they currently have. Popcorn Park Zoo is a federally licensed zoo, and all of the animals are kept at a safe distance from visitors.


Popcorn Park Zoo hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week. Tickets to the park are $5 for adults, $4 for seniors and children 12 and under and free for children 3 and under.

Prices for animal treats are $2.50 for a large box of popcorn, $2 for a small box and $1.50 for a box of peanuts to feed the bears, monkeys, deer and goats.

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