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Throwback Thursday – Your Favorite Amusement Park: 'Action Park' to Return for the Summer

The E-Cigarette Tax – A Load of Bull? [POLL] Have e-cigs helped you stop smoking? What has helped you stop? Should e-cigarettes be taxed the same as conventional cigarettes?

A 3-year-old kid was kicked out of a daycare program for saying a curse word. Do you feel they went too far in kicking her out.

New Jersey Dad Guilty of Murder in Killing of 2 Year Old Daughter – What Sentence Does He Deserve?

Phillipsburg Sensitivity Program Leaves Student in Tears – Do Sensitivity Training Programs Work? [POLL]

Do you prefer to be a renter or a homeowner, and how much are you paying in rent a month? N.J. the 5th priciest area for renters in U.S.

Do You Still Buy the Paper - Star-Ledger Announces Layoffs of 167 Employees.

Do you feel DWI Interlocking Devices are more effective in deterring DWI offenses than license suspensions?

What nasty gym behavior have you witnessed? Kenilworth man accused of watching women in shower at Garwood fitness gym.

Soda Sales in US are down. Do you still drink soda, and do you have a favorite?

Where do you find the best bagel in New Jersey?

Anyone in your family about to be deployed to Afghanistan? Acting Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni is scheduled to be deployed.

Since Internet gambling is no jackpot for Atlantic City, what do you think would get AC out of the hole? Sports betting - Legalized prostitution – gay mecca?

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