As the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine is approved for use, Jim Gearhart says he is working through a decision on whether or not he will take the shot and when.

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Jim said he is wary of a drug that has not been proven over the long term despite the assurance of a doctor he trusts.

“I was talking about this with Dr. Michael Wong, the eminent ophthalmologist whom I respect tremendously from the Princeton Eye Group. He says that what he calls the platform of the drug is fundamentally very sound,” Jim said.

On the other hand, the trials for the drug only went on for several months and its potential side effects a year from now are unknown.

Jim remembered lining up outside a firehouse in the early 1950s for the polio vaccine, which successfully wiped out the disease.

Jim also says that there is a profit to be made by the pharmaceutical industry in developing the coronavirus vaccine.

“I don’t know the inner workings of the pharmaceutical industry except that it’s driven not by philanthropic incentives but by profit. Follow the money. They’re not going to do this out of the milk of kindness and warmness of heart. They’re going to make some money on it somehow or other,” Jim says.

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