I either long ago forgot about this or never knew it. For 24 years Buena Regional High School has had a rule in place about attending prom. Students can only go if their parents first attend a 'parenting class.' It is mandatory.

Every year the theme is different. One year it might be online safety and another year the dangers of texting sexually explicit messages and pictures. This year it's drugs. Parents have to attend a 90 minute class/lecture about the dangers of drugs and the importance of helping their children make appropriate choices as they go through year-end traditions. Schools once again feeling they know more about raising your child than you do.

This year's class has a Hidden In Plain Sight program where parents go through a mock bedroom setup and are told to look for where they think their child might be hiding drugs if this were their bedroom. Moms and dads pull open drawers, look under mattresses, move things around, etc.. Then they are told all the places they missed, such as hidden compartments inside water bottles, beneath the drawers themselves, inside lava lamps, and so on.

If a parent says no thanks, then no prom, period.

Just as high school seniors have finally met all the academic requirements to prove worthy of graduation and joining the adult world here they are being treated like kindergarteners. While parents are being treated like inattentive morons. When will schools realize that their job is to educate kids and prepare them for college and work. That's it. A parent's job is everything else. Of course most parents are going to blindly go along with this bull@#*$ because most people are sheep. Every year there are some parents who complain, and of course you know the district surely talks down to them and regards them as misguided about their own shortcomings. Pathetic.

If you want to read more about this go here. Meanwhile, give us your opinion. Would this be okay if your school did it? Answer our poll.

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