Father’s Day is June 19th.

And while many of us are lucky enough to still have dad around, some actually have two.
And that has the folks at One Million Moms up in a lather again.

You see, One Million Moms is a group that’s, according to this:

is part of the American Family Association, complained that JCPenney was “continuing on the same path of promoting sin” with this new ad, and recommended their supporters write “Refused … Return to sender” on their JCPenney catalog when it arrives.

They also advised members to close their JCPenney accounts and talk to their local-store manager about their concerns.

“It is obvious that JCP would rather take sides than remain neutral in the culture war. JCP will hear from the other side so they need to hear from us as well. Our persistence will pay off! We must remain diligent and stand up for Biblical values and truth.”

I don’t want to get into a long and protracted debate on religion and its views on homosexuality and the alternative lifestyle; but don’t you think it would be foolish for JCPenny not to market to every available demographic…including households with 2 dads?

The article continues:

The last time One Million Moms and JCPenney locked horns, the store responded by standing behind its partnership with DeGeneres, stating that “Ellen represents the values of our company” — and with this kind of proequality advertising, JCPenney is “continuing to reinforce its progressive values.”

Actually the Ellen DeGeneres commercials are very well done, and if anything, if Pennys gave into One Million Moms, lots of eyeballs wouldn't be seeing those commercials, meaning fewer dollars in their cash registers.

So, no, I don’t look upon it as a “culture war” between those who support “family values” vs. promoting alternative lifestyles.

It’s Marketing 101 (point 5?)

Just saying’

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