At the beginning of last year’s COVID-19 pandemic, the state was, understandably, paralyzed by fear.

As time went on, many of us realized that the threat of dying that the media and government were trying to push was not as great if you were young and healthy. I understand people’s fear of a completely new and unknown strain of virus, but a year later, we are much more well-informed and have more information than we’ve ever had.

During the thick of the pandemic, the daily death toll that was posted served to keep us all in a state of panic. But if the death toll at the height of the pandemic kept us suitably freaked-out, the opposite should be true now.

After all, we hear a lot about the transmissibility of the so-called Delta variant, but rarely is there reported, at least on mainstream media platforms, a death tally.

If anyone in the media posted death toll numbers the way they did in the thick of the COVID-19 crisis, our fears would be allayed since most people are vaccinated, presumably making the symptoms much more mild, and the only people who are dying for the most part are old people or those with compromised immune systems.

You will notice that any time a newscaster reports the latest frightening stories about this Delta variant, they never tell you the numbers of people who are dying, and that’s because the numbers are so low that way it would almost seem to contradict the fear that they are promulgating.

Governor Murphy is in charge of deciding the mood of the state, whether we are going about our business or we are shaking in our boots. Right now, his press conference is only serves to alarm the NJ public.

I challenge Governor Murphy to post a Delta variant death number tally every time he does the press conference—the same way he did during 2020. And I guarantee you he will not. Because that will reveal the truth about the Delta variant that nobody wants you to really know: it ain’t so scary.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi Franco’s own.

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