This is a dilemma that I’ve been reading about online and hearing about on the air: how to make your kid a birthday party when you’re isolated because of the COVID-19 crisis. I’ve seen moms and dads celebrating with their kids at home, but let’s face it: a slice of cake around the kitchen table with mom and dad does not a party make.

Coronavirus or not, if it’s your kid's birthday, you’ve got to figure out a way to celebrate. And my friend, Lynda Levy, knows how to celebrate! Lynda Levy is not only a party coordinator/entertainer extraordinaire who’s done hundreds of anniversary parties, family reunions and corporate events. She also manages to be a housewife, a Zumba instructor, (she’s been teaching Instagram live classes every day during the COVID-19 crisis,) a summer camp director, (Camp Lynda, of course!) a singing telegram performer and a momma. As you can probably imagine, she’s the most fun, energetic and creative person you’ll ever meet.

So when one of her birthday girl clients, Mary, needed a fun way to celebrate her 8th during her coronavirus home isolation, Lynda rose to the occasion with a party idea that would have even been fun under regular circumstances. And this was no small affair. 30 adorable girls gathered (sort of!) together on the popular video conference app, Zoom, which has been indispensable for virtual events in the past few weeks. Live on screen, Lynda led the girls in a fun Zumba session, followed by a rollicking game of “Simon Says.”

Next, since desperate times call for desperate measures, in lieu of sharing a birthday cake, she gave the party “attendants” a two minute ‘intermission‘ where everyone ran to their respective kitchens to grab an ice pop or ice cream. Then, while enjoying their treats simultaneously, they sang a (somewhat) rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” to Mary.

The screen on each “guests” computer allowed all the girls to see and hear each other and just “hang out” together. But the fun didn’t stop there. Lynda next led the party-“goers” through a virtual scavenger hunt with the participants running around their own homes to search for stuff and then returning to the screen to reveal their finds. You can find Lynda on Instagram or email her at for your party or special event.

Oh—and in the unlikely event that you find it difficult to imagine just how she pulled this off, watch this video of these adorable party guests and the actual “Happy Birthday” song moment. Kinda makes you wish you were invited, no?

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