Whenever we would speak to someone who got COVID-19 over the past year, the story was the same. Stay home and quarantine, until you got worse and had to be hospitalized. Thankfully, most people toughed it out in their homes and in some cases, much suffering and illness, finally recovered.

Two of my family members were hospitalized in December after receiving the advice from their doctor to just rest. They said that they couldn't give them any type of medication that works against the virus. Whatever the reason for not prescribing actual treatments that do work, many people ended up in the hospital with expensive drug treatments and an expensive hospital stay.

Remdesivir seemed to be the drug of choice for many hospitalized patients in New Jersey. It's not only costly but can only be administered intravenously. What many doctors in the United States and around the world have discovered, is that several inexpensive, readily available and time-tested safe medications do the trick. Just one of them is Ivermectin. It's widely used in many parts of the world as an antiparasitic medication. Some doctors are now speaking out and suggesting U.S. doctors dropped the ball in not prescribing it for their patients.

It's not like this is breaking news. For months doctors the world over have been touting their success with the medication in treatment of COVID-19, along with other safe, readily available, proven drugs. Every time a new treatment proved effective for doctor's patients, the media and the medial "experts" in government shot them down. The emphasis was never on taking better care of yourself or trying these medications to stop the suffering. "STAY HOME, WEAR A MASK. WAIT FOR THE VACCINE. GET THE VACCINE!"

It makes you a little suspicious about the motives and the end game a little bit, no?

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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