The legislature is at it again.  This time in the form of a  Senate Committee vote approving a measure that will go before the full Senate on Monday.

Essentially it's the formation of the so-called "Pork Panel," thanks for the name Ray Lesniak!  The #PorkPanel will decide how to prioritize projects funded by the new allocation of $400 million for transportation.  They will also have a say in the borrowed billions that the legislature and the governor have promised are on the way.  And as you know, the borrowed money doesn't have to go to the roads and bridges.

Despite the fact that the shills for the political special interests told us people could die on the roadways if we don't act immediately and raise the gas tax, we know that billions will be dedicated to at last two light rail projects.  One in Hudson county and another in Gloucester.  Remember when Governor Christie told me I was crazy when I brought up light rails?

Steve Sweeney confirmed that the rails will be built with the borrowed billions secured by the $.23 gas tax hike.  It's classic corruption and it's happening right under our noses.  But you can still have your voice heard.  Senator Beck and Senator Lesniak will be fighting hard for you on Monday.  We'll have a few Senators on the fence to call Monday to join the fight.

Let's hold them accountable and stop the legislature from empowering a group of four un-elected, politically connected insiders from spending billions of dollars at your expense.

See you Monday.

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